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Alekstian S.C was founded in 2014, after owning and operating a similar company in Norway for more than 8 years. This company has also expanded and is still operating in the same spirit as Alekstian S.C!

The market in Poland is wastly increasing, and the number of of products, consumers and location in Central-East of Europe, made it possible for our company to quickly establish good connections with both suppliers and customers.

We take pride in delivering products of the highest quality, and for the most of them, Alekstian S.C has the exclusive distributorship in Poland. Our first product in Poland, was the awardwinning rimprotector AlloyGator, which now is the number 1 seller all over the world!

As a company we believe in Green Enviroment, and by that we make sure that all the chemicals that we distribute, should be fully biodegradeable. This was one of the main reasons we chose to implement the fully Dekra-approved brand DocVision, which has proven to be a great success in recordtime!

Any potential customer of our company can be assured the highest level of customerservice, knowledge and experience. We operate with a large network that makes it possible for us to help you grow your company!



Customer Information



Our customerservice is at your disposal from Monday till Friday between the hours of 08:00 to 16:00

Infoline 501-137-775 will provide you with help regarding company details, shopping, and dealerapplications.


Goods will be shipped out within 24 hours after receiving confirmation of payment, or after stated agreement wit customer.


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